Ears Wide Open: Harlan


If you like the spin Mayer Hawthorne put on soul music but still need a coating of funk and pop-rock, Harlan may be just what you need. Known as the “Alex” in the folk duo Alex & Sam – as well as one-half of Little Brutes and the guitarist who has played with Mayer Hawthorne and the Belle Brigade – Harlan Silverman on his solo venture goes for bold, vintage funk-derived sound, and it’s as fun as the Henry DeMaio-directed video for “Dancing on the Bed.” The change in his tune from his previous projects shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, though. With strong familial musical roots and some time at Berklee in Boston, Harlan moved to Los Angeles to explore myriad creative horizons. He plays all the instruments on his debut “Native Son” EP except drums (manned by co-producer Alex Elena), and the six-song excursion covers all angles of the pop spectrum with high energy and irresistible hooks.

||| Download: “Dancing on the Bed”

||| Also: Download his “Native Son” EP in its entirety over at his website (for a limited time).

||| Live: Harlan plays Wednesday at the Satellite with the Miracals and Count Fleet.