Ears Wide Open: KO KO


The swooning songs of indie-pop’s latest contenders KO KO are constructed from the most basic of building blocks: falsetto vocals, lithe melodies, shuffling percussion and a bit of whistling. What brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhon exhibit on their debut EP “Float” is admirable restraint; their first three songs do indeed have a buoyant quality that, unlike many purveyors of dream-pop, doesn’t come from drowning everything in reverb or screeching toward the highest register. It’s a change of pace (and owing to its summery feel, a change of weather) from the Lawhons’ other project White Apple Tree, who released an album and an EP of New Wave-inspired synth-pop in 2010.

||| Download: “Float”

||| Stream: The whole EP on Bandcamp.

||| Live: KO KO performs tonight at the Echoplex with Haim and Wildcat! Wildcat!

Photo by Adam Elmakias