Ears Wide Open: Max and the Moon


“The Way I See” – the second EP from Max and the Moon – positions the Chino Hills trio in some fashionably melodic territory. Signer-guitarist John Velasquez, joined by brothers Matt and Dillon Couchois, heaps on harmonies, hooks and melodies that recall a more mainstream-sounding Local Natives (the title track, especially) or a less folky Milo Greene. They think bigger on the sprawling 6-minute track “The Walk,” couching its dreaminess in ambient electronics. Add some more foot soldiers to L.A.’s army of harmonizers, whose pop forays can make you shimmy and sway.

||| Download: “Out of My Head”

||| Live: Max and the Moon celebrate their EP release with a show Thursday at the Silverlake Lounge.

Photo by Brandon Andre