Now stream this: Yuck, Dragonette, Santigold


[Get pumped with new songs from these artists playing Coachella this weekend…]

Yuck, “Chew” – Playing Coachella on Friday: London’s Yuck has never apologized for loving the ’90s and we won’t ever expect one, but there’s no need. Shoegaze and pop-lovers steadily praised last year’s debut album from Yuck, and now they return with “Chew.” It’s one solid nugget of psychedelic distortion and that lead guitar is a supreme tease considering we don’t even know if the new track is attached to an album.

Dragonette, “Let It Go” – Playing Coachella on Saturday: Before she teamed up with French DJ Martin Solveig, Dragonette’s leading lady Martina Sorbara had already been bouncing around the indie electro scene with hits like “Easy” and “Pick Up the Phone.” Now after the commercially successful collaboration, the band is back at those catchy confections of bubblegum pop and dance beats. The title track off their forthcoming “Let It Go” embodies all the usual elements of their past tunes, and although it seemed impossible, with even more pep.

Santigold, “Disparate Youth” – Playing Coachella on Sunday: Back in 2008, everyone was talking about this new fresh young indie pop queen who called herself Santogold. Although she’s slightly changed her moniker to Santigold (which makes more sense with real name Santi White) since then, Santigold has finally resurfaced after a few years behind the scenes as producer and a handful of peeks as a collaborator. Her new record “Master of My Make-Believe” is slated for a May 1 release via Atlantic Records and Downtown Records and she’s back at it with her witty statements on society through her rainbow of pop in “Disparate Youth.”