Ears Wide Open: Western Scene


As frontman of the San Diego quintet Dynamite Walls, Tom Pritchard traded in radio-friendly rock that fell somewhere between the Strokes and U2. Some amount of label turmoil later, Dynamite Walls is no more, and Pritchard, now ensconced in L.A., has aligned with Jason Burkhart (most recently spotted with rapper Kenan Bell) as Western Scene. With contributions from Jonathan Hischke and Dan Elkan, both of whom played with Broken Bells, along with drummer Joey Waronker, Western Scene has been recording with producer Hugo Nicolson (Primal Scream/Radiohead). Their first song “Listening” takes off like a hang glider, all churning percussion and wind-blown atmospherics. No live dates yet for the new band, but soon.

||| Download: “Listening”