Download: Andy Clockwise, ‘Steam Dream’


“I’m losing my steam,” Andy Clockwise moans with more than the requisite degree of world-weariness in his new song “Steam Dream.” Which is impossible to imagine, considering the feisty pop-rock on the L.A.-based Australian’s debut album “The Socialite.” There, Clockwise – equal parts balladeer, jester and brawler – used his hooks and humor to joust with all manner of artifice, from Hollywood’s to the heart’s. Now he is completing the follow-up, “War Stories,” and this first single, with its choral backdrop, has a widescreen feel that suggests Clockwise is gaining, rather than losing, steam. No details on the release of “War Stories” yet, but there’s another killer song we’ve heard titled “Mum We Love you,” a duet with Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa (the former drummer in his band).

||| Download: “Steam Dream”

||| Also: Visit Soundcloud to check out Clockwise’s remix of the M.I.A. song “Bad Girls.”

||| Live: Andy Clockwise plays July 6 at the Central SAPC and, on July 11, presents the material from “War Stories” as a theatrical production, with multimedia, a choir and fan participation (he’s inviting attendees to video the proceedings). Details here.