Download: The Blank Tapes, ‘I’m Back’


The Blank Tapes describe their sound as “beach party,” and who are we to throw sand in their faces when the San Francisco quartet led by Matt Adams are providing sunny tunes such as their new 7-inch single “I’m Back” (out now on 20 Sided Records). Currently fleshing out the live band with Pearl Charles, DA Humphrey and Will Halsey (of Sugar Candy Mountain), the multi-instrumentalist splits his time between the Bay Area and L.A. and never fails to churn out worthy tunes while still out on tour. The Blank Tapes’ psychedelic garage-rock album “Sun Too Bright” is out now on Burger Records (one of those unfortunate cassette releases), and a new album titled “Vacation” is in the works for early next year.

||| Download: “I’m Back”

||| Watch: Their trippy clip for the track “A ‘bergine” after the jump.

||| Live: The Blank Tapes play tonight at the Echo with Sonny & the Sunsets and Wet Illustrated.