Ears Wide Open: Highlands


Highlands like things big and mysterious, dark like the Black Angels, strange like A Place to Bury Strangers. The Long Beach quartet of Scott Holmes, Chris Figlewicz, Beau Balek and Travis Cheney, bonding over a mutual of love My Bloody Valentine (of course), pile on layers of guitar, distortion and reverb in the best shoegazer tradition on their album “Singularity,” which came out in June. At turns psychedelic and menacing, “Singularity” will shake whatever four walls confine you, and replace them with a wall of sound.

||| Download: “Railroad”


||| Live: Highlands play an in-store on Friday, July 27 at Origami Vinyl (8 p.m.) and on Saturday, July 28 at the Think Tank Gallery (939 Maple).

||| Watch:
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