Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Moheak Radio


Must be the heat. Today’s installment of the Buzz Bands LA Show on Moheak Radio is heavy on the heavy stuff – from the adrenaline-charged punk rock of the Henry Clay People to the dirty blues of Wake Up Lucid (each of whom has a local show coming up). Also in this week’s two-hour dollop of local music: new or nearly new tunes from Earlimart, Redd Kross, Oh Boy Les Mecs, David Newton & Thee Might Angels, the Rebel Light, Dialtone, Black Hi-Lighter, Kisses, Some Go Haunting and Well Hung Heart.

Tune in to Moheak at 11 a.m., check out the station’s fundraiser at and find the playlist (and a downloadable podcast) for today’s program after the jump:

[Streamable and downloadable for one week only right here:]

Aug. 10 playlist:

Earlimart, “97 Heart Attack”
Gliss, “Weight of Love”
Oren Lyons, “Forever Found”
Oh Boy Les Mecs, “Dormant Frenzy”
The Henry Clay People, “EveryBandWeEverLoved”
Redd Kross, “Stay Away From Downtown”
Francisco the Man, “Tiger”
David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels, “In Love And War”
Kisses, “Funny Heartbeat”
Some Go Haunting, “Voice Memos”
The Blonde Names, “Equalizer”
The Neighbourhood, “Female Robbery”
Detective, “I’d Rather Run”
Highlands, “Railroad”
Black Swan Runners, “Ff Ff Fire”
The Rebel Light, “My Heroes Are Dead”
The New Limb, “Climax”
Beat Club, “Something Better”
Helena, “Sunlight”
Dialtone, “Cool Kids”
Wildcat! Wildcat!, “End of the World Everyday”
The Peach Kings, “Fisherman”
Black Hi-Lighter, “Blonde Beasts of Prey”
Hindu Pirates, “Feel My Heart”
Fake Furs, “World Wide Womb”
Last American Buffalo, “That Woman”
Well Hung Heart, “Devil”
7Horse, “Most of That Is You and Me”
Wake Up Lucid, “Feel It”
The Bixby Knolls, “Through the Cracks”
Fort King, “Trouble”
Arms of Tripoli, “Vikings in the Attic”