Ears Wide Open: Faded Paper Figures


When Faded Paper Figures emerged out of Orange County around 2008, there weren’t nearly as many bands riding in the Postal Service’s slipstream – and even fewer slathering their electronic beats with kids-next-door boy/girl vocals. Four years later, John Williams and Kael and Heather Alden seem like old hands. Their third album, “The Matter,” came out this week, the result of quite a bit of bi-coastal hopscotching (those books in the press photo aren’t just decoration; Williams teaches at Yale) and more than a year of ratcheting up the flavors in their guitar-synths-beats cocktail. “The Matter” is plenty catchy enough to inspire a good dancefloor sweat, and it’s sophisticated enough to hold a conversation afterwards.

||| Stream: “Holy Smoke” and “Information Runs On”:

||| Live: Faded Paper Figures open for Paper Route and Trails & Ways tonight at the Bootleg Bar.

||| Also: After the jump, check out the video for “Holy Smoke”:

Photo by Andi Elloway