Download: Ace Reporter, ‘Untouched and Arrived’


In early 2011, we noted the mind-boggling, ear-tickling ThreeSixFive Project undertaken by Brooklyn-based Ace Reporter. There, the songwriter born Chris Synder had written and released a song every day for the entirety of 2010, and the result was not only a feat of quantity and persistence but of remarkable quality. [The best of ThreeSixFive still resides here.] It’s nice to see someone beyond his online faithful noticed – Ace Reporter was picked up by Brooklyn imprint Ooh La La Records, which will release the album “Yearling” on Feb. 26. Stylistically varied and lyrically vivid, “Yearling” features 10 songs from the yearlong project – all re-recorded by Snyder (a Los Angeles native and former frontman of the band The States) last year. The first single was from Day 75 of Snyder’s journey; it must’ve been a very good day.

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