Ears Wide Open: Cotillon


On the Bandcamp page for his band Cotillon’s “Votive Flower” EP, songwriter Jordan Corso thanks, in order, Albert Camus, Huraki Murakami, Jean-Luc Godard, Bob Dylan, Lawrence Hayward, Connor Oberst, Christopher Owens and Daniel Johnston. Yeah, the woman who inspired his breakup tomes must have really messed with his head. What Corso and bandmates Zachary Miller and Michael Madeiros have to show for it are seven likable, if not lovable, garage-pop volleys in which the protagonist sounds at turns bitter and browbeaten. “Votive Flower” gets it punches in, though not quite with the sting of sonic brethren LA Font. Still, the vitriol in “The Devil Lives on Lyman” is palpable, even if it seems as if a few tall ones have already turned it toward the woebegone.

||| Download: “I Wanna Move to Paris”

||| Also: Get the whole EP for name-your-price on Bandcamp.

||| Live: Cotillon opens for In the Valley Below tonight at the Bootleg Bar. The band also has the Tuesday night residency in January at Harvard & Stone. They’re also playing the X-Mas Fest benefit for Toys for Tots (along with Races, LA Font, Gothic Tropic, Raw Geronimo and more) on Dec. 15 at Project Infest (3201 Maple Ave., L.A.).