Ears Wide Open: Glen Martin


Singer-songwriter Glen Martin’s whiskey-on-the-rocks Americana is equal parts boozy lament and woozy grace. Since he relocated to L.A. from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, he’s collaborated with other bands (including the Quick Hellos) and worked on honing his own songs, which conjure up the geography of both Laurel Canyon and the American South. The gimmick-free production on his second EP, “Electric Baby,” suggests Martin doesn’t have much interest in being too “indie” – reaffirmed by the song “Waltzing With Wolves.” “Tell me where do I get it, do I get it / where do I get street credit?” he sings. In some locales, you get cred by convincingly embodying the demon whiskey in one couplet. Such as “I can’t have fun / when I just have one,” from his song “Loretta.” Yeah, we’ll have another too.

||| Download: “This Is All We Know”

||| Live: Glen Martin plays Thursday night at the Silverlake Lounge.