Stream: Francisco the Man, ‘In the Corners’



All hail the guitar band. You just don’t hear that enough lately (well, except maybe on this page). And that’s the way we feel every time Scotty Cantino and his crew in Francisco the Man send another song or batch of songs down the pike. Their latest, “In the Corners” (due Feb. 19 as a 7-inch via Small Plates), is taut rocker in the same vein as last year’s single, “Tiger,” that does nothing to diminish our need to find 11 on the volume dial. Comparisons have been made, all valid, to Built to Spill and (earlier) Band of Horses. With each step, though, Francisco the Man cultivates its own voice, and maybe someday soon they’ll make one of those album statements.

||| Stream: “In the Corners”

||| Live: Francisco the Man plays Feb. 27 at the Bootleg Bar.

Photo of Francisco the Man at the Dangerbird Records party, August 2011.

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