Ears Wide Open: Gold Star



Singer-guitarist Marlon Rabenreither’s work in the Sister Ruby Band is the stuff that outlasts trends, psychedelic Americana that’s rich in texture and songcraft. So it’s no surprise that, stripped-down, Rabenreither’s songs seem more than the sum of their parts. Under the name Gold Star, the former art-schooler is releasing a five-song EP of lightly orchestrated twang next week; its gorgeous simplicity belies the push and pull of melancholy and hope in Rabenreither’s songs. He first undertook the project after the legendary Lucinda Williams invited him to do an opening acoustic set at one of her shows. We suspect she was not disappointed.

||| Download: “Heaven Can’t Wait” (in exchange for your email address)

||| Stream: “Against the Wall”

||| Live: Gold Star plays Wednesday at the Silverlake Lounge and March 27 at the Hotel Cafe.

||| Also: After the jump, watch the video for “Back to Me”: