Video: Spirit Vine, ‘Pluto Why’


Co-ed psych-rock quartet Spirit Vine keeps whetting appetites for a full-length album later this year, and if last fall’s “Lake of Fire” single wasn’t enough, the new song “Pluto Why” will leave the band’s fans ravenous. Over almost six woozy minutes, singer Jaquelinne Cingolani keeps things dreamy and languid – a mood that director Karri Bowman captures well in her black-and-white video for the song. Feeling vaguely detached? It doesn’t get anymore detached than poor Pluto – as Cingolani reminds in her incantation, “You are the farthest from the sun / You are the farthest from the sun.”

||| Live: Spirit Vine plays the Bootleg Theater with the Warlocks on April 6.