Premiere: Young Hunting, ‘Baby’s First Steps’


Young Hunting

It’s been more than two years since psych-folk band Young Hunting unveiled their velvet atmospherics, and after a long tour schedule and studio time, their debut full-length “Hazel” is en route June 4 via Gold Robot. There’s melancholic beauty in early tracks “Rust” and “Into Your Mind,” as well as lighter ballads such as “Sweet Bird” and “Maze.” However, Young Hunting’s meticulous fusion of Laurel Canyon swing, sunset-tinged dream-pop and dark reverb is most impressive in their new song “Baby’s First Steps.” Hari Rex and Ilya Mxx’s harmonies are ominous as much as they are soothing, while Mike Senzaki’s percussion flirts with Patrick Taylor’s bass lines. “Hazel” still maintains the “folk-gazing” sound that initially piqued our interest, but the psychedelic molasses they’ve poured into this record makes one delightfully woozy and aroused, especially when Tim Phillips sprinkles in a keyboard or trumpet riff.

||| Stream: “Baby’s First Steps”

||| Watch: Check out their video for “Sweet Bird” below.

||| Live: Young Hunting plays May 7 at the Satellite with yOya and Ash Reiter.