Coachella 2013: Action Bronson, remember the name



Who: Action Bronson at the Outdoor Theatre
In 3 or Fewer Words: Old skool cipher
Memorable Because: I saw my first crowd-surfing wheelchair during the mad spectacle that was Action Bronson. Bronson (no relation to your favorite LA blogger) and his crew brought an East Coast sound to the West Coast fest, with sparse beats laid over cinematic samples and an aggressive rhyming style. After eating the crowd’s food and smoking their weed, Bronson crossed the photo pit barrier and led a mass of mostly onlookers liberated from their shirts across the desert polo fields, like the fat, bearded, hard-rapping Moses of Indio. Topics of conversation: weed and women. (Female genitalia was likened to a salted soft baked Bravarian treat and a popular men’s haircut. I didn’t see any Tegan and Sara fans around.) Action Bronson is a merely competent emcee but a divine showman. After having to pause the show – quote: “I was about to throw-up, I’m sorry” – he passed the mic to wannabe emcees in the crowd to spit a few verses. (Hey Coachella organizers, why not book an hour of open-mic freestyle?) Tons of old skool fun, if you could get past the large crowd of grown men cheering-on disgusting sexist remarks.
What I’d Tell My Friend Who Was At Wild Nothing:  Sucka emcees make all the wrong picks / your band’s a wannabe C86.
– Ben “Mouse” McShane (Photo by Scott Dudelson)