Buzz Bands LA Show, today at 11 on Moheak Radio


moheakblackHappy May. The Buzz Bands LA Show – coming today at 11 a.m. on Moheak Radio – celebrates the new month with music from the new crop of residency bands, including Criminal Hygiene, Robert Schwartzman, Torches and King Washington, along with a a bouquet of tunes from just-released or coming-soon album releases. We’ll hear from Hanni El Khatib, Big Black Delta, Touché, Vicky Cryer and the 88. Plus, I’ll have premieres of songs from yOya and Duniven. Tune in at 11, and have a great weekend.

After the jump, a stream of today’s show at the playlist:

Touché, “Everything He Wants”
Victory, “System Strange”
Hanni El Khatib, “Pay No Mind”
Salt Petal, “Pico”
yOya, “I’ll Be the Fire”
The 88, “I Saw the Light That Day”
Landon Marcus, “Love Shield”
The Rebel Light, “Free Yourself”
Criminal Hygiene, “Alan, I’m in Love”
Torches, “When You Gonna”
King Washington, “Fourth of July”
Robert Schwartzman, “You Don’t Have to Lie”
Pyyramids, “Don’t Go”
Cayucas, “Summer Thing”
Harriet, “No Way Out”
Mirror Talk, “Choose Life”
Gram Rabbit, “March of Fools”
Vicky Cryer, “Expensive Love”
Mt. Ossa, “Love Jam”
Amy Blaschke, “Lonely Cahoot”
Graham MacRae, “Here Comes the Time”
Daniel Ahearn & the Jones, “Make It Right”
Miner, “Hey Love”
Captions, “Eyes”
Hustle Roses, “NoHo”
Young Empress, “Good Time”
The Anti-Job, “Love Will Take Our Minds”
Lady Lazarus, “Lapsarian”
Holy Folk, “Time Lapse”
The Soul of John Black, “East LA Lady”
The Picture and the Frame, “Okay”

… thanks for listening …