Premiere: Graham MacRae, ‘Game Changer’



Graham MacRae has covered a lot of turf in Los Angeles. He worked for a major label; he now runs his own promotions firm; and he’s an illustrator (though he calls them “elaborate doodlings”). He even once co-owned a locally famous Echo Park record store (RIP, six years ago this month). MacRae’s songwriting has been relegated to the background – or, at least, subject to his own methodical pace. His self-titled album of stripped-down acoustic excursions, explorations and revelations came out back in 2008. MacRae’s new batch of folk tunes, which already has drawn comparisons to the likes of Bill Callahn and John Fahey, takes on a broader scope, sonically and thematically. Recorded with David Newton (The Mighty Lemon Drops) and assisted by the Little Ones’ Lee LaDouceur, “Dundrearies” (due May 21) is a literate, forthright statement that, as the single “Game Changer” testifies, reveals a man who’s comfortable, though far from complacent, no matter what turf he’s occupying.

||| Download: “Game Changer”

||| Also: Download “Wait”