Stream: Amanda Jo Williams, ‘2000Hell’



There’s Amanda Jo Williams’ voice – a playful, birdlike instrument, flitting around her country-fried arrangements like an intrepid hummingbird. And then there’s what she’s saying; she delivers her lickety-split vignettes and stream-of-consciousness observations as if she expects you to be on the same page, immediately. If you missed her first three albums, it’s worth getting there. Last year’s “The Bear Eats Me” solidified Williams as an artist playing by her own rules, deservedly championed by L.A. piebald folk scene. Her fourth  album, “You’re the Father of My Songs” (out this week on Neurotic Yell Records), offers yet another thrill ride through her active imagination, and it features contributions from John Frusciante (playing piano and organ), Fool’s Gold’s Brad Caulkins and Laena Geronimo. We’ve heard Williams bristles at the term “freak-folk,” so we’ll just think of this one as fun-house folk. By the most interesting Amanda in our music library.

||| Stream: “2000Hell” and “Holster, the Gun It Hangs in There”

||| Live: Amanda Jo Williams performs at El Cid tonight along with Dorian Wood, Tommy Santee Klaws, Insects Vs. Robots.

||| Also: After the jump, watch the fun video for “2000Hell” (directed by Chris Carlone, filmed at the Echo Country Outpost and featuring Donald Ian Black as Williams: