Stream: Parade of Lights, ‘We’re the Kids’



Song groupings for $1,000, please: “Kids” by MGMT, “Where the Kids Are” by Blondfire, “Naked Kids” by Grouplove, “Kids” by the New Division. And now to make it a furious five, “We’re the Kids” by L.A. trio Parade of Lights. For better or worse, all embrace the notion of fleeting youth and the fuzzy nostalgia it inspires. Parade of Lights, the vision of Ryan Daly and Anthony Improgo, and now including keyboardist Mariana Machain, moved in that direction with last year’s “Born to Live, Born to Love” EP, aiming for a big electro-rock sound. Their new single “We’re the Kids” shows, at the very least, they hold their own with any of the kids.

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