Ears Wide Open: Fever the Ghost



Everything I can imagine writing about Fever the Ghost’s acid-drenched psych-pop involves hallucinogenic drugs. Or what was on the turntable that one weekend you experimented with them. (Ahem.) Or how influences like the Seeds, the Electric Prunes, Procol Harum, the Doors and David Bowie run through the L.A. quartet’s music, which is sonically like aiming a can of spray paint at Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti. Fever the Ghost – Casper Indrizzo, Bobby Victor, Nicolas Overhauser and Mason Rothschild – is just getting started; their self-released 7-inch “Rounder” (produced in analog fashion by Luther Russell) seems beamed in from the Summer of Love. They have the sure-to-be-a-single “Fathoms,” which sticks out of their jammy, experimental live set like a hamburger on a vegan menu. And they have an EP on the way in September on the Complicated Game imprint. Fever the Ghost is heavy on the effects, but equally heavy on complexities. The cosmos will want to hear more.

||| Download: “Rounder”