Download: The Blood Arm, ‘Bubblegum’



The Blood Arm earned a reputation as hell-raisers in their early days in L.A., their outlandish party anthems and acrobatic live shows whipping club crowds into a frenzy even though their music didn’t quite leave enough of an aftertaste for the quartet to blow up. They’ve always wanted to be everything at once – lovable garage-rockers, cool Britpop icons, champions of the dancefloor and arena-filling giants. After a heady run in the middle of last decade (LA Weekly’s Best New Band in 2004, Best Live Act at SXSW in ’05), they took their wares across the Atlantic, with good results. Now, after some time back in L.A., the foursome of  Nathaniel Fregoso, Dyan Valdes, Matthew Wheeler and Zebastian Carlisle have relocated to Berlin. Their new album “Infinite Nights” is more mellow than their previous efforts (2011’s “Turn and Face Me” was enormous fun) but, in its own droll way, no less spirited. Eighties new wave, ’70s classic rock, ’60s retro-pop: It’s all here in bits and pieces, waiting for you to pop open that fourth tallboy. The album is out via the band’s own RIP Ben Lee Records.

||| Download: “Bubblegum”

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