Ears Wide Open: The Aquadolls


The Aquadolls

So Melissa Brooks may rhyme “crazy” with “lazy” in “Our Love Will Always Remain” and she may have written a song titled “Cool Cat,” but the Best Coast crew should still watch their back when it comes to the Aquadolls. The Seal Beach-based quartet, which also includes Ryan Frailich, Kailee Westwood and Christian Karapetian, are currently a hot item in the Burger Records scene – this despite calling themselves “perma-teenage mermaids.” They’re all 19 (except Failich, who’s 21), and it’s obvious their beach surroundings influence their surf-punk tunes. What the Aquadolls do have in the massive sea of SoCal surf-rock are Brook’s lead vocals, which that can be sweet as molasses or “Tutti Frutti”-bouncy, making songs titled “So High” endearing and “Long Hair Don’t Care” a meaningful rager. There’s an honest exuberance on their EP “Stoked On You” that make their melodies simply playful instead of trite and drawn out; it’s enough for us to return the sentiment and say we’re keen on them as well.

||| Stream: “Don’t Mean Jack” and “Our Love Will Always Remain”

||| Live: The Aquadolls play Saturday at the Glasshouse, Aug. 1 at Burger Records, Aug. 2 at Space 15 Twenty and Aug. 3 at Wilmore 9 Music, Art and Film Festival.