Video premiere: Lily Kershaw, ‘As It Seems’


Signer-songwriter Lily Kershaw has knack for taking the simplest of ideas and making them seem ascendant. “Nothing is ever as it seems,” the L.A. native sings over a plaintive piano line in the lilting single “As It Seems,” and never has that platitude resounded with such depth. The single, which drew attention as the backdrop on TV’s “Criminal Minds,” is from Kershaw’s debut album “Midnight in the Garden,” out Sept. 24 via Nettwerk. At 22, Kershaw is old enough to know the moral of her story – as opposed to the party-goers in the video directed by Ben Fee (the Lumineers, Sallie Ford, Aesop Rock). For them, the end of the innocence is still a few candles away.

||| Live: Lily Kershaw plays Sept. 16 and 30 at the Hotel Cafe