Premiere: Conway, ‘Big Talk’ EP



Kassia Conway, doing business as Conway, debuted in February with the prickly single “Big Talk,” which cast a larger light on the singer-songwriter who previously had fronted the indie-rock outfit All Wrong and the Plans Change. It turns out Conway is more than just talk – her “Big Talk” EP, featuring the single and three more songs, comes out Sept. 24 on Columbia. The EP offers up a healthy dose of Conway’s electro-charged attitude in a seductive, lyrically smart package. Comparisons to Karen O or Bat for Lashes might apply here, but if you were situate her among newer artists, you might think a less angsty Meg Myers or not-so-over-the-top Kitten. As somebody who bears the scars of a little dues-paying, Conway is not so deadly serious that she can’t laugh at herself, or you, for that matter, and between her stylistic dalliances in pop, hip-hop and R&B, you might find a punchline or two that applies.

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||| Live: Conway performs Monday at Los Globos.

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