Download: Sanglorians, ‘Love Is the Speed of Light’



Daniel Brummel knows hooky guitar rock. He has spent more than a decade as bassist-singer in Ozma, played in L.A.-based bands Spain and the Elected and even filled in with Weezer for a time. His work as bandleader of the L.A. sextet Sanglorians is another beast – a maniacal collision of power-pop and prog-rock that at times has the feel of a shredder crashing orchestra practice. Ready your best air guitar moves: Sanglorians’ debut album “Initiation” (just out and available on Bandcamp) finds Brummel, along with guitarist Jonathan Gomez, bassist Jeremy Keeler, keyboardist/horn player Ihui Wu, violinist Morgan Paros and drummer Matt Mayhall, thumbing their noses at predictability and gimmickry. “Love Is the Speed of Light” has more stops and starts than a crosstown drive; “Self-Rememberer” is memorable for its punchy rhythms; “Love Is Like a Line” is a buzzing anthem that builds to a fully orchestrated rave-up; and the 7-minute “Liberty Bell,” with its strings and choral backing vocals, has Arcade Fire aspirations. Overall, “Initiation” has an audacious wealth of ideas crammed into 40 minutes. File under power-prog.

||| Download: “Love Is the Speed of Light”

||| Stream: “Self-Rememberer”

||| Live: Sanglorians celebrate their album release with a show Wednesday night at the Bootleg Bar.