Video premiere: Adam Bones, ‘Highlights of the Lowlife’


L.A.-based power-popper Adam Bones and his all-female supporting cast of Rikki Styxx, Tracy Lambertucci and Breanna Fields recall the days rock ’n’ roll lived and smiled by the power chord. Bones’ new EP “Rock It Up,” his first outing since 2009’s “Feel For Tomorrow,” is an old-school spine-stiffener that’s equal parts riffage, rhythms and audacity – the last of which is on full display in director Brad “B. Radical” Spencer’s video for “Highlights of the Lowlife.” Here, the show-stealer is Gus, a four-legged fiend who paws his way into the hearts of fans. Cue the punchline about rock being a dog-eat-dog world, and laugh a little.