Ears Wide Open: Little Galaxies


No matter whether Little Galaxies are into interstellar themes, the Venice-based band does write dream-pop that shimmers like the stars. In fact, the quartet comprised of Jeanna Fournier, Amir Eshraghi, Brian Sumwalt and Adam Yasmin sounds like they sat on the beach for several nights underneath the twinkling sky and studied constellations with guitars in hand to prepare for writing their album “Patterns.” The debut, which features songs such as “Tonight” and “What Are You Looking For?” is full of the warmth they undoubtedly get every day in L.A., but also offers a whirl of melodies that are interchangeably introspective and a call out to the world. Little Galaxies’ self-released debut “Patterns” is out now.

||| Download: “Tonight”

||| Live: Little Galaxies play tonight at the House of Blues Sunset (Parish Room).

Little Galaxies_Casey Curry