Video: Gavin Turek, ‘Suffah’


Gavin Turek‘s energy and moves on stage frequently transform the singer/dancer/actress into one big blur, but the melodies and beats are always in focus. As shown in her latest video for “Suffah,” Turek’s got the fancy feet, the hair, the face and the voice, all qualities that make her a disco contender. She has dedicated her latest mixtape to Giorgio Moroder, influential Italian producer and songwriter (and most recently a monologist on a Daft Punk song about him and named after him), who’s famous for his contributions to the Italo disco genre. Similarly to her Ratatat remix collection, Turek makes each Moroder song her own by incorporating new lyrics. It may be only five tracks long, but it would get any discotheque moving for a good chunk of time. Gavin Turek’s EP, “The Break-up Tape” is out now.

||| Download: “I Love You Giorgio (Re) mixtape” via Soundcloud.

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||| Live: Gavin Turek plays Nov. 29 at the Echo with Bom Bom and Skin Town.


Photo by Calethia DeConto