Popular With Me 2013: Week 1 of Buzz Bands LA’s favorite 101 local songs of the year, on Indie FM


IndependentFM-square copyIt’s that time of year. I’ve spent the last few days rifling through blog posts, sorting an iTunes folder with more than 300 songs in it and sequencing the next three weeks’ worth of Buzz Bands LA Shows on The Independent FM. You know, I’ve made the list and checked it twice (which, this year, might not have been enough). And today at 11 a.m., I’ll start sharing the Buzz Bands LA 101 – my favorite local songs of the year. If you’ve been following along, you know that 2013 was a particularly robust year for SoCal artists. Rock, electro, folk: You name it, there was quality in abundance. So tune in at 11 for Week 1. After the jump, the playlist begins:

Here we go:

101. Light FM, “Let Go”
100. The Ceremonies, “Land of Gathering”
99. Hunter Hunted, “Keep Together”
98. Rainbow Jackson, “Freckles”
97. Ghost Loft, “So High”
96. The Fling, “Melancholia”
95. Black Hi-Lighter, “Crushed Velvet”
94. Saint Motel, “My Type”
93. FIDLAR, “Cheap Beer”
92. Carousel, “Another Day”
91. Cobalt Cranes, “Head in the Clouds”
90. Dear Boy, “Oh So Quiet”
89. A House for Lions, “Ordinary Life”
88. Irontom, “What Will Happen to All the Indie Stars”
87. Goldroom. “Only You Can Show Me”
86. The Reflections, “Disconnected”
85. Boardwalk, “I’m to Blame”
84. Seven Saturdays, “One in 3”
83. Jake Bellows, “All Right Now”
82. Lucy Schwartz, “Boomerang”
81. Best Coast, “Who Have I Become?”
80. Tapioca & the Flea, “Mellotron”
79. Charlie Clark, “Feel Something”
78. The Vim Dicta, “Name of the Game”
77. Patrick Park, “We Fall Out of Touch”
76. Paw City, “Lonely Machine”
75. Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, “Better Days”
74. Dawes, “Just Beneath the Surface”
73. Blondfire, “Young Heart”
72. GRMLN, “Teenage Rhythm”
71. Carly Ritter, “Save Your Love”
70. IO Echo, “Ministry of Love”

… and more to come next week