Ears Wide Open: Jammy and the Smack



The spirit of the garage-rock explosion in Los Angeles seems even stronger than our winter’s endless summer. The latest trio to poke their heads out from behind their vintage riffs are Jammy and the Smack (kudos for the band name, by the way), who on their first single “King of the Last Minute” (kudos to all the procrastinators out there, by the way) don’t stray too far from the familiar. The threesome of Jammy Smeers, Lee Harcourt and Harold Bautista are finishing up a full-length album that was produced by Don Bolles (the Germs, et al). Somebody make a beer run, we’re thirsty.

||| Stream: “King of the Last Minute”

||| Live: Jammy and the Smack play Feb. 20 at Burger Records.