Stream: De Lux, ‘Make Space’



That was fast. Barely two months after sizzling L.A. duo De Lux unveiled their free debut EP, the band is back with bigger news: They’ll return April 8 with their debut album “Voyage,” coming via Innovative Leisure. Built around the collaboration between Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco, the band metes out funky disco-punk as if the Rapture never happened. Even better, Guerin, Franco and their live lineup showed in early January that they’re no knob-twiddlers in concert; their show at the Echo was tight and rave-alicious. The album will include three songs from the free EP De Lux released through Scion AV in November, including the single “Better at Making Time.” If you wondered whether Guerin and Franco had anything up their sleeve like that, check out “Make Space.” Seldom in recent memory has a band gone from nowhere to festival-worthy so quickly.

||| Stream: “Make Space”

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