Ears Wide Open: Machineheart



L.A.-based quintet Machineheart traces its roots to Tacoma, Wash., emo-pop band He Is We. Trevor Kelly was co-founder of that band; Jake Randle, Carman Kubana and Harrison Allen were touring members; and model/singer Stevie Scott replaced ailing frontwoman Rachel Taylor as touring vocalist in 2012, a year after they released a full-length on Universal. After a period last year they were known as New Bloom, the fivesome opted for Machineheart, generating buzz for covers of songs by Katy Perry and the 1975. Now their first single “Circles” has the synth-pop world by the throat – true to the currently fad-tastic formula of chipper melodies, frisky beats and cherubic vocals, it’s safely at home among the rainbow-colored emoticons of synth-pop. They are working a full-length with producer Dave Bassett, targeting a late-2014 release. Like those old beer commercials say: Tastes great …

||| Stream: “Circles” and “Chocolate” (The 1975 cover)

||| Also: After the jump, check the new video (released today) for “Circles”: