Video premiere: Charlie Wadhams, ‘Replaced’


Breaking up is hard to do. So is making breakup albums. Charlie Wadhams wrestled with both in crafting the songs for “Out at the Bar,” his first solo release since 2010’s EP “Upside Down” and first full-length since 2006’s “Free Up Your Schedule.” Wadhams, long a under-recognized treasure on the L.A. songwriting scene dating back to his early-Aughts days with his band Rex Aquarium, was stung by the fact his girlfriend dumped him and then “went on to date another guy named Charlie,” he says. “I asked her if that Charlie was better than this Charlie. … I would get drunk, cry a little, get mad, cry a little, and then write a song. ‘Replaced’ is specifically about being replaced by this other Charlie.” All of which makes the light-hearted video for “Replaced” more striking. Directed by Nick Ebeling and featuring actors Jay Johnston, Chris Masterson and Erinn Hayes (with a cameo by musician Benji Hughes), “Replaced” sees Wadhams getting busted by some very corrupt police officers. As for Wadhams’ album, “Out at the Bar” (no firm release date yet) was recorded at the home studio of all-around talent Gus Seyffert, most recently spotted playing in Beck’s band and one of the players on Wadhams’ Michael Andrews-produced solo debut back in the day. The production, like the songs, has the burnished, vintage feel of music that never goes out of style.

||| Live: Charlie Wadhams plays Tuesday at the Satellite along with the Afternoons and Timothy James.

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