Ears Wide Open: Guides



Like a lot of experimental rockers, new L.A. trio Guides dally in textures and tones, but in their abrasive riffage and pummeling rhythms lay a sense of purpose that make you question your comfortable notion of “pretty.” The music is the work of singer-guitarist Chris Cogswell, bassist Be Hussey and drummer Jayson Larson, who, among other projects, have the bands Marjorie Fair and Radar Brothers on their resumés. The menacing “Careful, I Was Every Sin” is from a three-song 7-inch/digital release the band has on the way July 1. “Careful” hurts so good when the big guitars kick in just shy of the 2-minute mark.

||| Stream: “Careful, I Was Every Sin”

||| Live: Guides play the White Iris Records night “Indie Is Pop” at Satellite on Wednesday along with Alex Lilly and Valley Queen.