Premiere: WALLA, ‘Gangsters of Suburbia’



Through two EPs, the music of WALLA has proven the perfect antidote to a low blood sugar level – the L.A.-based quintet’s songs work their way from your ears to your hips and back to your face, which is smiling. The band – the multinational coalition of Ian Charlie, Alessio Balsemin, Maricio Carcamo, Jonathan Hoonch Kim and Gabriel Nava Rodriques – shows no signs of detouring from their infectious ways on their new EP, “Gangsters of Suburbia” (due July 29). Overall, WALLA’s offers a bright take on ’80s disco, with smidgens of influences from its members’ global roots (Mexico/El Salvador, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil and Korea). The glossy title track, with a shiny piano intro and a guitar outro brighter than a disco ball, is party fare likely to give you a fever on any given Saturday night.

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