Ears Wide Open: Moxi



L.A. seems to be swimming in synth-pop lately and we may have lost track of how many duos are clinging to the genre, but we’re adding Moxi to our list anyway. The duo of Anna Nelson and Andy Toy released their debut  EP “In My Dreams” last year with songs like “Terrible Disguise” piquing some interest, but they now return with “Save Me,” a track that may actually live up to their band name. Filtered through shadows and seductively creeping with new wave elements, you get a taste of Moxi’s forthcoming EP “Through the Dark” from the first distorted guitar riff. Moody with Toy’s big beats and Nelson’s chilled vocals, it’s a perfect soundtrack candidate for those climactic moments in both romance and action films. Moxi’s “Through the Dark” EP is slated for a release later this year via Catbeach Music.

||| Download: “Save Me” in exchange for a Facebook “like.”

||| Stream: “Terrible Disguise”

||| Live: Moxi plays Aug. 14 at Downstairs at Fifty Seven and Sept. 6 at Hotel Cafe.

||| More: Watch their live video for “Save Me” after the jump.