Download: Wartime Recitals, ‘Bears’



Just when it seems like baroque pop had gone out of fashion, L.A.’s Wartime Recitals come out of nowhere with their whimsical keyboard riffs, sweet harmonies, sweeping violin and glockenspiel accents. The sextet’s musical gusto not only serves as a natural pick-me-up but also has the depth that would attract fans of Los Campesinos!, Fanfarlo and the early days of Arcade Fire. Following previously exuberant singles “Hold Your Velocity” and “Lark!,” Wartime Recitals now unveils their track “Bears.” Opening with a warm folk guitar riff and gang vocals, the new single quickly builds up to a cathartic and silvery chorus. It’s a tune for those summer days where you ditch the trendy pool party scenes for a long bike ride so the wind can flow through your hair. Wartime Recitals’ self-titled debut EP is slated for a release on Oct. 7.

||| Download: “Bears”

||| Live: Wartime Recitals play Aug. 16 at the Buzz Bands LA stage in the Champagne Room at Taix as part of Echo Park Rising.

||| Previously: “Bad Dances,” “Hold Your Velocity” and “Lark!”