Premiere: Cobalt Cranes, ‘Flowers on Your Grave’



On their new album “Days in the Sun,” Cobalt Cranes have found the sweet spot between two movements that drove 1990s guitar rock – the edgy angst of the Pacific Northwest and melodic psychedelia of the British shoegazers. They’ve come up with a name for it, “California grunge,” say Tim Foley and Kate Betuel, the songwriting duo around the Los Angeles quartet is built. Propulsive and noisy and raw, it fits the garage-rock aesthetic that’s all the rage and – like last year’s full-length debut “Head in the Clouds – aims for something more than three-minute pop nuggets. Their pretty/gnarly dynamic shines on “Flowers on Your Grave,” the first single from the album, which is out today via Lolipop Records.

||| Stream: “Flowers on Your Grave”

||| Live: Cobalt Cranes celebrate their release on Wednesday, when the open for the Coathangers and the Bots at the Echo.

||| Previously: “Head in the Clouds,” and the video

Photo by Aeschleah DeMartino