Premiere: Moxi, ‘Hold Me’


Moxi_Trevor Hoehne

If you’re just settling back into your office chair after the holiday weekend, here’s a sparkling tune that may help rev your gears back up at the 9-to-5. Moxi, the electro-pop duo of Anna Nelson and Andy Toy, return with yet another single in anticipation of their forthcoming EP, “Through the Dark.” (They’ve been releasing a single every month this summer.) Not unlike their previously discussed single “Save Me,” Nelson sings a lover’s request, but this time around “Hold Me” builds on a glimmer of hope. The tempo is sprightly and the guitars envelope her vocals with a warmth that suggests this narrative ends happily; instead of woefully lamenting, Nelson beguilingly coos “hold me tonight” as if this phrase has gotten her what she’s wanted before. Moxi once again fuses ’80s new wave and the shimmering synth lines of today and takes one step closer to their moniker’s true essence.

||| Stream: “Hold Me”

||| Live: Moxi plays Saturday at Hotel Cafe.

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Photo by Trever Hoehne