Ears Wide Open: PARIS *



* Updated March 11, 2015: PARIS is now going by Paris Radio and has “re-debuted” the song “My Flesh” (new stream below).

The Eighties sure are fun. Especially as they are being reshaped by bands who bring more than computers and synthesizers to the table. The music of the new band PARIS (stylized P A R I S) plays to the sensibilities of ’80s radio gods who judiciously balanced guitar and synth to keep the “rock” in dance-rock. PARIS is the brainchild of Anthony Aguiar, who was guitarist/keyboardist in the dearly departed indie-rock quartet Voxhaul Broadcast. The four-song EP “Secrets,” released last month, is catchy, emotive and explosive; the choruses come in only one size, XL. Oh, and guitar solos.

[December 2014 update: The EP has now been taken down, with only the single available]

||| Stream: “My Flesh”