Video: A House for Lions, ‘Ordinary Life’


Please check your cynicism at the door; it’s time to spend an afternoon with A House for Lions. The classic rock craftsmen’s full-length debut “Hills So High,” produced by Tom Biller and released in June, set the quartet apart – young blood doing traditional rock with open hearts and without a trace of irony. Director Manash Das’ video for “Ordinary Life” is exemplary, a collection of almost-Hallmark moments fitting with with the song’s motivational and somehow-not-cloying theme: “You’ve got your ordinary life / Why don’t you aim in towards the light?” The work of singer-guitarist Daniel Norman, guitarist Mike Nissen, bassist Eric McCann and drummer Joseph August Luisi, “Hills So High” is filled with reflective folk-rock and straight-outta-the’70s ballads (see “Come On Let’s Go”), occasionally turning it up (“SOS/XOX”) to great effect. Every dad at Jackson Browne’s Way Over Yonder set would like this, and probably some of the kids too. What, you’re too cool to enjoy a simple bounce on a trampoline? Get outta here.

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