Ears Wide Open: The Electrets



The edgy power-pop of distaff quartet the Electrets will taste like comfort food for fans of the Ramones, the Go-Go’s and three-minute radio singles from 1981. It’s all done with proper cheekiness, of course. The band’s “Misfit” EP, released in August, draws outside the lines with some wonky keyboards, but mostly the debut from the foursome of singer-guitarist Tiff Schirz, bassist Stephanie Rose, keyboardist Mindy Ihrke and drummer Andrea Cline is let’s-hop-in-the-convertible cruising music. Not too long ago, L.A. was crawling with pop-punk of this vintage; the Electrets are trying to boost the amperage.

||| Stream: “Misfit” and “Elephant in the Room”

||| Live: The Electrets play Oct. 18 at Molly Malone’s.