Ears Wide Open: Eddie Cohn



L.A.-based singer-songwriter Eddie Cohn fashions intimate songs with stadium-sized emotions, and his new album “Guarantee Me Love” (out Tuesday) takes his craft to the next level. The album, Cohn’s third, is a lush affair, boasting string arrangements on piano-based compositions that milk every ounce of gravitas out of romance without coming off as overbearing, despite when he seemingly demands in the title track. Made with his longtime drummer Adam Gust and Seattle-based cellist Phil Peterson, and produced by Dan Silver, “Guarantee Me Love” has the cinematic feel of certain arena-frequenting British pop bands. Downright pretty.

||| Stream: “Don’t Disappear Yet” and “Guarantee Me Love”

||| Live: Eddie Cohn celebrates his album release with a show at the Mint on Wednesday night.