Ears Wide Open: Drinking Flowers



The four noiseniks in Drinking Flowers straddle the space between two raging scenes in L.A. right now – the hyperkinetic garage-rockers and the ’60s-mining psychedelic rockers. The quartet’s new EP “Shadow Show,” which follows up last year’s “Sanity Restored 1972” and is out now on Lolipop, roars either way. The foursome of Alexander Galindo, Jade Christensen, Dominick Digiacomo and Nicholas Crays drench their songs in reverb-soaked guitars and punk attitude. The single “Pop Underground,” with its droning chorus “the international pop underground,” sounds like a call to arms. “Rabbit Hole” sounds like a race (perhaps back in time) that the quartet is winning, and “Melt Your Mind,” well, does.

||| Stream: “Rabbit Hole” and “Pop Underground” (or the whole EP here)

||| Live: Drinking Flowers play with La Femme on Oct. 23 at the Echoplex.