Video: Mystery Skulls, ‘Ghost’ (animated)


Are you in the Halloween mood yet? If you aren’t then this new animated video for Mystery Skulls‘ “Ghost” might do the trick. Although it’s not the scariest of clips, it will have you reminiscing about old Scooby Doo cartoons with your pals. Animators Ben Mangum, Isaiah Kim and Blake Hudson found much inspiration from the Mystery Incorporated crew – just take a look at that van  – and have fused the Hannah Barbera-type characters with futuristic robotic elements you can find in most sci-fi-oriented cartoons. Synced perfectly to the beats of Luis Dubuc, who released Mystery Skulls debut “Forever” on Warner this week, the characters in this animated clip scream and run from ghosts and skeletons. In fact, they even make monsterous sandwiches like Shaggy and Scooby used to! Most importantly, you find out why the haunting happens.

||| Live: Mystery Skulls winds up his residency at Dirty Laundry tonight.

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||| More: Check out the original video for “Ghost” if you’re looking for a something a tad more frightening.

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