Ears Wide Open: May McDonough & Company



Orange County’s May McDonough & Company make a witches’ brew of psychedelic and punk rock that has drawn apt comparisons to time-honored bands like Jefferson Airplane and newbies like the Growlers. The trio – McDonough along with Lo Schmitt and RustyHuber – in May released the album “Bullyboywithaglasseye,” which follows up two EPs released last year and lacks nothing in attitude. On “Plump Little Fleshies,” the frontwoman takes a swipe at the consumptive masses, their “willfull ignorance” and herd mentality, observing “All the plump little fleshies go dancing.” And “Wrap Around Porch” suggests she is not to be trifled with: McDonough imagines hell as as a place with a “beautiful wrap around porch” and “a welcome mat in front of the door” – the latter because “‘after what I do to you / I’m gonna need me a place where I can wipe off my shoes.”

||| Download/stream: “Wrap Around Porch” and “It Was Good”

||| Live: May McDonough & Company play tonight at the Bootleg HiFi along with Soil & the Sun, Sean Gospel and Life Leone.