Stream: Cobalt Cranes, ‘Heavy Heart’



Compared to their 2013 maiden voyage, Cobalt Cranes’ new album “Days in the Sun” sounds world-wary (though not quite -weary). The young noisemeisters – Tim Foley and Kate Betuel are the core duo – started with a bright bit of shoegazing worthy of its album title, “Head in the Clouds.” Their sophomore effort, made with Eastside guru Joel Jerome, sounds drunk with knowledge; “We’re going nowhere,” Foley sings in “Flowers on Your Grave,” which premiered in August just before the cassette release of the album. Knowledge, though, is a double-edged sword – often it breeds angst, of there is plenty in the band’s self-described “California grunge” and its delicious guitar textures. Betuel professes to be “In a Daze” on the album’s second track, and the standout “Heavy Heart” suggests that too many “Days in the Sun” might numb the senses. At the very least, Cobalt Cranes’ new album – finally out this week digitally and on CD – casts a welcome shadow amid the sunburst of young L.A. guitar bands. And it’s cooler in the shade.

||| Stream: “Heavy Heart” and “In a Daze”

||| Live: Cobalt Cranes play Thursday at Harvard & Stone.

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